You can TEXT Rick: 844 203-3208

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Master Photographer, Disney’s Rick Ferro

Workshop Trainer & Guest Speaker

Rick Ferro provides an elegant array of inspirational and educational information for photographers to enhance their skills with posing, working with studio lighting, solving location lighting issues and more.

Whether you’re new to photography or an experienced amateur or pro, Rick shows you the techniques for producing both contemporary and classical images.

Technology in this industry is in a state of constant change and improvement. Rick’s relationships with photography’s top gear producers provide a vehicle to present the latest goodies that can help you produce great work.

A combination of
cutting edge & creativity

You have a passion for photography. Rick will help you tap into that passion and raise your work to new levels. Rick has spoken and conducted training sessions at many of the top events over the years. His workshops are always standing room only.

“For me, it’s all about empowering photographers and helping them explore the wonderful possibilities that are literally at their fingertips,” – Rick Ferro